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Canadian Citizenship Practice Test – Discover Canada


The Canadian citizenship test is usually a written test, but it could be an interview. You will be tested on two basic requirements for citizenship: 1) knowledge of Canada and of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, and 2) adequate knowledge of English or French. All the citizenship test questions are based on the following subject areas:

  • Economy and Modern Canada
  • Government, Elections, and Voting
  • History and Geography
  • Justice System
  • Rights and Responsibilities

Use the following practice tests to study for your Canadian Citizenship Test. All questions are based on the official Canadian Citizenship Test Study Guide – Discover Canada, the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. Depending on your study style, you can choose to study by individual topics, do a citizenship test simulation (20 randomly selected questions), and/or challenge yourself to the ultimate Canadian citizenship marathon test that includes all of the test questions we have.

Take the Canadian Citizenship Course and get access to all the test questions and our bonus cheat sheet.

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Canadian Citizenship Test - Marathon

This test contains all the Canadian Citizenship Test questions we have! Don’t say you are ready for the real test until you pass this test with flying colours!

Canadian Citizenship Test Simulator

This is our Canadian Citizenship Test simulator – same passing score and number of questions as the real test, different EVERY TIME you re-take this test. This test contains questions from all knowledge sections.

Canada's History

To understand what it means to be Canadian, it is important to know about our three founding peoples— Aboriginal, French and British. Learn everything about the history that helped shape Canada.

Canadian Symbols

Do you know what the Canadian coat of arms is or where the Canadian Flag came from? Learn everything about Canadian Symbols that defines Canada.


Canada has always been a trading nation and commerce remains the engine of economic growth. In this section, you will learn about Canada’s economy structure and its role in international trades.

Federal Elections

Canada did not always allow everyone to vote. In this section, you will learn about Canada’s federal election, when different groups of people were allowed to vote and what our current election system looks like.

How Canadians Govern Themselves

The Canadian government is divided into Federal, Provincial and Municipal. Learn everything about what each level of government is responsible for and how bills come into law.

Justice System

The Canadian justice system guarantees everyone due process under the law. Learn everything about Canada’s legal system, rule of law, freedom under law, democratic principles and due process.

Modern Canada

Do you know who invented Basketball, designed Canadarm or the snowmobile? Learn everything about all the important figures in Modern Canada.

Rights & Responsibilities

Canadian citizens have rights and responsibilities. These come to us from our history, are secured by Canadian law, and reflect our shared traditions, identity and values.

Who We Are

Do you know what the different aboriginal groups in Canada are? Learn everything about all the aboriginal groups in Canada such as Inuit and First Nations.

Province-specific Questions

This section contains information that is specific to your province, including party in power, opposition party, political leaders, capital, etc.

Canadian Citizenship Test: Additional Resources

Canadian Citizenship Test Study Guide: Discover Canada
To prepare for the citizenship test, you will need to read the official resource book: Discover Canada – Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship.
The Oath of Citizenship
When you attend your Canadian citizenship ceremony, you will make the Oath of Canadian Citizenship. In doing so, you are making a public commitment to Canada and accepting the responsibilities and privileges of citizenship.

The Oath of Citizenship:

I swear (or affirm)

That I will be faithful

And bear true allegiance

To Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second

Queen of Canada

Her Heirs and Successors

And that I will faithfully observe

The laws of Canada

And fulfil my duties as a Canadian citizen.

Le serment de citoyenneté:

Je jure (ou j’affirme solennellement)

Que je serai fidèle

Et porterai sincère allégeance

à Sa Majesté la Reine Elizabeth Deux

Reine du Canada

À ses héritiers et successeurs

Que j’observerai fidèlement les lois du Canada

Et que je remplirai loyalement mes obligations

de citoyen canadien.

Government Resources

Canadian Citizenship:

You may obtain citizenship application information and take advantage of the many resources that are available.

By telephone, call 1-888-242-2100 (toll-free).

Online: Visit the Citizenship and Immigration website. Discover Canada can be downloaded from this website.

About Canada:

The Crown and the Governor General 

Canadian Heritage 

Atlas of Canada

Teachers and Youth Corner

Parks Canada

Institute for Canadian Citizenship

The Historica-Dominion Institute


Parliament of Canada

I Can Vote!

Canada’s System of Justice 

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